Stump Removal

When you are done with tree removal, you will naturally be left with a stump. Stump removal is usually not included in tree removal packages, because it is an elaborate process and requires full attention. This is one service that homeowners try not to do because of how demanding and messy the process can be. Although it is possible to rent a grinder and do the process yourself, it could cost you more money and will cause inconvenience in many ways. 

Stump removal needs proper planning and execution for it to be done efficiently. You should first consider the root structure and the amount of soil that needs to be dug to remove the stump. You should also make sure that no underground utilities such as water and power lines are safe before beginning the process. 

Between stump removal and stump grinding, the latter is the more popular and used method for eliminating a stump. This is because it doesn’t cause too much damage to the surrounding area and is not as expensive as total stump removal. You can be at ease that our grinders will fit through your gates, and we will leave virtually no damage to your lawn. 

Our experienced team of professional arborists can remove any type and size of a stump with our top of the line grinders. Stumps can be an eyesore and become a nuisance if you let it stay in your yard for long. That is why we encourage you to allow us to rid of the sight of the stump so you can move around your yard freely without worrying about tripping over a stubborn stump. Our precise and detail-centered stump removal and grinding service are exactly what you need to ensure the beauty and health of your yard. 

We don’t begin any stump removal or grinding process until we have assessed the situation. Some stumps are more challenging to remove than others due to their size, age, and species. Stumps that come from pine trees are typically easier to remove due to their shallow and flat roots. On the other hand, deciduous trees can be a little challenging to remove because their roots grow deeper in the ground. 

Further, the age, as well as the size of the stump, can also affect how much time it needs to eliminate it. The older the stump is, the easier it is to remove it. Of course, larger stumps require more effort and time compared to smaller ones. Our expert team will make sure no underground utility lines will be affected once stump removal commences. 

After we have done a complete assessment of the stump and the area, we can offer you a comprehensive free stump removal estimate so you will know every detail of the service to be performed. Our fully-insured professionals will make sure the stump is ground below the earth, which means grass can grow over the land at which it is located. Our professional stump removal service is one that you can trust and rely on. Call Budget Tree Service Bentonville today if you have a tree stump that you need to be removed, and we will take care of the rest.

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