Tree Trimming

Trimming and pruning are often mistaken for the same thing. While they do have certain similarities, they have significant differences that should be noted. Trimming is typically performed to fruit-bearing trees, shrubs, and hedges. This method is done to promote growth and maintain the appearance of a tree. 

You can find a lot of articles about trimming trees on your own, but we highly recommend that you leave this task to the expert hands of Budget Tree Service Bentonville. Some practices and techniques may not be right for the type of tree you have. Professional tree specialists would know the correct method of trimming, which will result in a healthier and more beautiful tree in your yard. As part of tree maintenance, it is essential to have your trees regularly inspected by a certified arborist to ensure that it is getting enough nutrients it needs to thrive and that there are no hazardous branches and limbs that need to be eliminated immediately. 

When trimming trees, the lower branches of the tree are removed to prevent them from being damaged and to enhance the appearance and shape of the tree as well. Trimming requires knowledge in the proper way of cutting branches and limbs because if a branch is cut incorrectly, it can impact the overall health of the tree. Moreover, safety is also one of the reasons for trimming. Overgrown trees may pose a threat to properties and personal safety. 

Limbs and branches should be managed in terms of their height because they can interfere with electrical lines. Storms are another story. Storm-damaged trees don’t only cause danger to your property, but they can also make your yard look unappealing. To prevent storm damage, routine trimming is essential. 

Whatever the type of tree that you have and the situation that comes with it, rest assured that we can manage to trim your tree expertly. We have the right set of skills and the proper equipment to help us with each trimming job we have to complete. Trimming may look simple, but without the know-how and experience, you may find yourself hurting your tree more than you are helping it. 

The size of the branch is something that should be considered when trimming trees. Ideally, branches under five centimeters in diameter should be cut, while branches between five and ten centimeters should be trimmed with caution because it can result in a decline in the tree’s health. 

A branch should be eliminated if it is less than one-half to three-quarters of the stem’s diameter. It is also highly recommended that branches are trimmed early in their life because they become easy to manage, and the chance of scarring is significantly reduced. Avoid trimming branches that are too close to another. Further, cutting too close to the branch collar or leaving a stub is never recommended. While you can look for DIY tips on trimming, you cannot deny the fact that it is a tricky and complicated process that requires professional tree trimming service

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