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Budget Tree Service Bentonville logoWe are your experienced, professional, and trustworthy tree service in the local area. We have the best of the best in the industry of tree care, and we only get better every time. When you choose to do business with us, expect to be impressed with the result of our meticulous team of qualified arborists. We care not just about the health of your trees but the overall aesthetics of your landscape as well. We know how a single tree can impact your entire property, and our goal is to make each tree an asset to you and your family. Our unparalleled dedication to tree care is what distinguishes us from our competitors. Through the years, we continue to be your go-to tree service providing you with excellent customer service as well as affordable tree care. 

We offer a full array of tree care and services in all of Bentonville and its surrounding areas. At Budget Tree Service Bentonville AR, you don’t have to fly from one company to another to get the service you need, because whatever you require for your tree, our team of professionals can deliver. Below are the service offerings we provide:

  • Tree Removal Services
  • Tree Trimming and pruning
  • Stump grinding
  • Storm clean-up 
  • Tree and shrub planting 
  • Bracing and cabling
  • Lightning protection
  • Lot clearing
  • Health evaluation
  • Risk assessment and prevention 

Call our number now and talk to our tree experts for an estimate.  We are the tree service Bentonville AR property owners trusts for quality, affordable tree care.  

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Trees generally require trimming or, at the least, pruning, because of one of these reasons: aesthetics, safety, or health. Your trees will look dull if it suffers from health issues. Further, when your tree has dead branches or diseased limbs, they can pose a threat to your safety. That is why it is necessary to get in touch with your trusted tree service now and then to assess the health of your tree to make a sound decision whether or not to trim/prune your tree. 

    Although you can search online for the correct way of pruning and do it yourself, it is still best to seek help from a professional tree company: certified arborists, especially those who comply with the standards set by the International Society of Arboriculture. You can be assured that they have the skills and know-how and, of course, the tools needed for pruning. Incorrect practices and techniques often lead to severe damage that may result in the death of your tree.   So call the tree trimming Bentonville home and business owners depend on for healthy, beautiful trees. 

    Picture of a large tree that has just been cut on the ground next to the stump and saw dust in Bentonville, AR
    Picture of a climber in a tree cutting off old branches from a large tree in Bentonville, AR
    Picture of our tree climber doing a tree trimming on an old tree in Bentonville, AR

    From simple to more complex services, a professional tree service can help you with your tree concerns, including the following:

    • Tree leaning towards one direction
    • Eliminate hazardous situations that can result from dead, weak, or broken branches
    • Clear roofs and obstruction from power lines
    • Improve flower or fruit yield
    • Enhance aesthetics or structure
    • Save a storm-damaged tree

    Tree Removal Bentonville AR

    Tree removal and lot clearing, typically go hand in hand. With tree removal, there are specific reasons why the tree needs to be removed, such as the following:

    • Dead or dying branch or limb
    • Hazardous growth that may cause damage to your property and pose a risk to your safety
    • Causing obstruction
    • Preparation for building construction
    • Prevention of pest infestation
    • Avoid regrowth
    • Additional space for new plants 

    These services should be taken seriously to ensure the best health for your trees and safety for the surrounding environment. Tree removal should not be done unless it is the only option left. Remember that the primary goal for tree care is to keep the tree healthy and avoid elimination as much as possible. Let professional tree specialists assess your property to achieve optimum results. Tree removal and lot clearing can be done both in a small-sized yard and size-able commercial property areas.  We are the tree removal Bentonville AR trusts.

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    Bracing and Cabling

    There are moments when a tree grows in such a way that its structure can’t fully support their growth, which leads to issues with structural integrity. Even trees that don’t have structural problems fail because of specific reasons. Trees with unsound structures can cause significant property damage and severe injury to anyone. In some instances, it also leads to the complete decline of the tree’s health. 

    One way to help trees with weak structure is by bracing and cabling. Trees that have cracked limb structures, or long, overextended limbs can usually end up having a failure in the structure. Further, some trees yield large fruits, which can add to the weight of the branches and cause a potential structural problem. Another reason for structural issues is incorrect pruning. When these structural problems don’t get addressed, they can result in property damage or personal injury. Installing cables and bracing rods can offer additional integrity to the tree’s structure. Cabling can help redistribute the weight of the entire tree. This way, limbs, and trunk can be allowed to support each other. On the other hand, bracing rods are used for splitting limbs with a bolt. 

    Installation of cables and braces should be done by professional tree personnel to avoid damage and injury. The process can be challenging; that is why it requires proper knowledge and equipment to be done correctly and safely. Our certified arborists are well-trained in this field and will be more than glad to assess your tree and perform proper cabling and bracing. 

    Planting and Transplanting Trees and Shrubs

    Before you can have a tall and proud tree in your yard, it is essential that it is planted correctly. Whether you are planning to add a new tree in your landscape or your favorite tree needs transplanting, Budget Tree Service  is here to deliver the specific service you require. Our professional and experienced arborists have the knowledge and skills required to perform the task. Planting or transplanting can be a difficult job because some trees are large and heavy. If improperly handle them, they can go under stress, and you might also cut off important roots that carry water and essential nutrients needed by the tree to live. There are specific things that need careful thought. That is why it is best to let the experts handle it. 

    Make a plan as to where you will plant the tree. Remember to consider your local community’s rules and laws when it comes to planting trees to ensure that you are compliant. When transplanting your tree, address the distance of the tree to structures and power lines. We can provide you expert advice when it comes to this aspect, to ensure the health of your tree. It is also crucial to plant the tree at the right season and that it gets enough sunlight from where it is located. For most trees, it is highly recommended to plant them during fall or early spring. 

    The job does not end in tree planting. It is essential to keep your trees healthy by regular upkeep. Budget Tree Service can offer you professional advice and assistance with every tree care necessary for your tree’s growth and development. We will make sure that your newly planted tree gets enough water, and the soil condition where it is planted is beneficial to its growth. You can rely on us to provide you helpful information on what is necessary for caring for your tree, such as mulching, fertilizing, and pest control. If you have questions, our expert staff will offer the answer respectfully. 

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    Storm and Hurricane Debris Clean-Up

    Dealing with storm remnants is never an easy job. The task can be daunting as well as risky, especially when there are power lines involved. Because of this, it is crucial to consult a professional when you have this emergency. We can remove any dangerous scenarios and offer the right care that your trees need to save them. It is expected for homeowners to invest in clean-up following a storm, but make sure to be cautious when dealing with tree services. Only allow professionals that adhere to ANSI standards and practices and those that utilize the right equipment and own insurance for added security. 

    We will carefully assess your trees and the surrounding area to check if there are hazardous situations that need to be addressed. Our expert arborists will remove dangerous limbs to trees that can still be restored to reduce the risk of the tree falling. Our team gives full attention to details, and we will not stop until we are sure that all damaged branches have been tended to and that there is no more risk or damage and injury in the area. 

    A storm can cause trees to get in contact with power lines due to strong winds. Trees can also uproot underground utilities that can be a dangerous thing to deal with. If this is the case for your tree, you should immediately get in touch with us so we can address the situation right away and provide a safe and efficient solution. 

    Give us a call, and we will happily assist you with the following concerns:

    • Safely removing fallen trees and their limbs
    • Determining and eliminating dangerous hanging branches
    • Grinding or removing stumps
    • Reducing or eliminating risks to property and people 
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